Individualized System & Business Consulting

Success most often begins with proper preparation and thoughtfully planned execution. Having a well crafted road map, strategically merging proven products with effective business solutions and resources is the key to achieve optimal results.

With AboveGEM, our team of talented and experienced consultants will help you navigate through today's highly volatile and competitive business environment. We make it our business to equip you with the most relevant and accurate information along with innovative ideas that are specific to your organization and your goals.

  • The business and technical assessment:Having a bird’s eye view of your operations and understanding what you have in place is the most vital component of the consultation process. Similar to an annual health checkup or a tune-up, we assess the health of your current software infrastructure and technologies. We will assess and confirm your areas of strengths, diagnose and address the areas that are deficient, and provide you a well formatted summary of our findings for your review.
  • Strategize:Strategizing with you rather than for you means you will not be subject to a sales session. Understanding that your current processes and tools are in place for a reason, we want to incorporate and optimize the existing resources that has made you successful, and integrate some new ideas and upgraded technologies to get you to that next level.
  • Compensation planning:The success of your enterprise is highly dependent upon the appropriate compensation plan that drives sales for your unique products. Creating a competitive plan that will attract distributors while maintaining profitability is arguable the most important yet complex area in the direct selling industry. There are so many factors to consider, such as understanding your compensation structure or the fact that you plan will inevitably change to meet the fluctuations of the economic environment and social demands. AboveGEM’s expert consultants take your specific needs into consideration, and construct a plan that will establish a clear, credible and rewarding relationship between your company, your distributors, and their customers.