Order Management

Order Management

Enhance shopping experiences with our customized shopping cart. Regardless the complexity of your pricing structure, AboveGEM’s fast and easy-to-use e-Cart will make online shopping an enjoyable and a hassle-free experience. Our e-Cart can be integrated with AboveGEM's Mobility, allowing your distributors to close the deal on the fly, resulting in instant sales.

  • Industry leading shopping cart
  • Support multiple countries, languages, and currencies
  • Invoicing compliant with local rules and regulations
  • Autoship/recurring billing
  • Support various payment methods
  • Integration with all major shipping carriers
Performance Management

Performance Management

Elevate performance levels with our user-friendly performance management system. AboveGEM’s performance management system allows your distributors to assess their own performance as well as the performance of their downlines. With AboveGEM’s performance management system, your distributors can identify their underperforming downlines and provide them with encouragement and support, thus boost overall sale performance.

  • Graphic genealogy interface
  • Downline performance tracking via genealogy interface
  • Qualification lookup vai genealogy interface
  • Virtual wallet for commission management
  • Performance scorecard
  • Sponsor via genealogy interface (support all browser)
Relationship Management

Relationship Management

Stay organized to capitalize on every opportunity. AboveGEM’s Relationship Management application enables your distributors to capture detailed information about their leads and to keep track of these leads with ease so there will never be a missed opportunity. For companies seeking full-feature customer relationship management tool, AboveGEM offers Growth Club, a stand-alone application that can be integrated with our Standard Solution, Elite Solution, or your existing platform.

  • Secure and quick distributor registration
  • Detailed lead capture
  • Lead tracking
Website Management

Website Management

Boost business image with easy-to-use personalized webpages. AboveGEM’s website management tool allows your distributors to add personal touches to their websites, yet still ensures these websites meet your corporate standards. Our website management tool provides your distributors with professional websites to empower them to achieve their success.

  • Ease-to-use and customizable web pages
  • Company documentation management
  • Profiling governed by country-specific rules and regulations
  • Personal information management governed by company policy
  • Picture support
  • Standard web page with a large of templates to choose from
  • Hosting
  • Customized page
  • Integration with Growth Club