Compensation Management

Compensation Management

Customized compensation engine. AboveGEM’s Compensation Engine truly sets us apart in the direct selling software industry today. It is fully customizable and allows genealogies and commissions to be instantly and endlessly reconfigured to meet your business demands. All report tracking, data collection and tiered pay are configured into the system, eliminating the need for manual data entry. No more back pay, and no more processing delays.

  • Fastest compensation engine
  • Fully integrated with shopping cart
  • In-time commission update
  • Details behind the commission for ease of understanding
  • Commission processing
  • Analytics
Order Management

Order Management

Convenient, fast, and easy-to-navigate order management system. Whether your administrators need to place orders or modify existing orders, AboveGEM’s Order Management system allows your administrators to assist distributors quickly and smoothly.

  • Speedy order entry and integrated with distributors' shopping cart
  • Support multiple payments per order
  • Order life cycle management
  • Autoship management with tracking
Distributor Management

Distributor Management

Equip your administrators with effective support tools. AboveGEM’s Distributor Management system allows your administrators to communicate with your distributors in real-time, from adding new sponsored distributors to modifying genealogies, our easy-to-use Distributor Management system will make the process run efficiently.

Website Management

Website Management

Streamline your technical support. AboveGEM’s Web Management system enables your administrators to manage distributor contents in order to better support and assist distributors in a shorter time frame.

  • User information change management
  • Admin control panel
  • Distributor content management
Security Management

Security Management

Manage your risk effectively. AboveGEM’s Security Management system allows you to monitor sales transactions in order to identify and trace suspicious activities.

  • User access control
  • Activity tracking
  • Credit card risk management
  • Chargeback analysis and reduction
Technical Support

Technical Support

Knowledgeable staff, experienced support. AboveGEM provides technical support to resolve issues raised from your technical support administrators. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will work with your technical support administrators to resolve any issues quickly and effectively.

  • Database Integration and Migration: Migrate existing database (up to 40 hours)
  • Technical Support:
    - Direct access to the ticketing system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    - Live support 8 Hours x 5 Days
    (Two-business-day/next-business-day response)