Regardless of entrepreneurial or established direct selling companies, there are two performance targets the management teams always strive for, growth and stability.

When speaking of growth, the majority of direct selling leaders look inward and focus on their products, services, costs, compensation structure and marketing plan. Undoubtedly, these are important factors. However, just focusing on the above factors along are no longer adequate. The demographic of the direct selling industry is changing. Now China, Korea, and Brazil are among the top five direct selling marketing, alone side the United States and Japan. Since 2011, the total sales in North America have been flat, but countries such as Venezuela, Malaysia, and Argentina posted more than 23 percent year-over-year growth. And more young people are starting direct selling businesses worldwide due to the entrepreneurial spirit of the industry.

Why AboveGEM ?

With all the facts above, direct selling companies cannot afford to limit themselves in there national or continental boundaries, but must have a global growth strategy in mind. In answering to these challenges, industry innovators consistently ask themselves in the areas such as;

  • Am I equipped to market my products and services to the customers who are interested?
  • How do I continuously improve so my customers receive the best services possible?
  • Will my operations be compliant with local international rules and regulations?
  • Will I be able to customize and differentiate solutions based on the needs my customers, my administrators, my goals, based on my business?

Growth is rewarding, but it also brings in instability. A strategy that may have worked in one region may not be suitable for another. Delays or distortions in information related to business operations may often cost companies millions of dollars.

AboveGEMSoftware Solutions is a full service, cloud-hosted SaaS company tailored specifically for serving international direct selling operations. Our Corporate Back Office platform infrastructure is comprehensive, robust and highly flexible. You get an individualized product package that adapts and grows right alongside your business.

Our method utilizes cutting edge technology to allow our clients the agility they need as their business evolves. We have managed clients who has increased users by 250% in one year after deploying our system. We have designed our software to handle user traffic at all scalable levels. Speed and performance on our platform will not decrease as users increase, regardless of the time of day.

AboveGEM Inc. has built our software entirely on an open source platform. The open source community provides consistent access to the industry’s latest trends, so your team can be on the forefront of the direct marketing industry. The open source format allows AboveGEM Inc. to incorporate a vast variety of custom modules, applications, software and systems specific to your needs. Any and all components of the AboveGEM systems can be outsourced and managed by our team of engineers.The system features currency integration for 30 countries across inventory, commissions, shipping and accounting components. Users can create multinational distributor genealogy and compensation scales, calculate applicable sales tax, and utilize tax filing services. Your potential is geographically limitless.

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